The Disappearing Chain Link Fence March 16 2014

1 20x30 roar shadowbox copy

It’s a fun and artistic effect when you can show case an image of “Wild African Lions” without the distraction of a chain link fence.

200mm or longer

f/5.6 or larger

Shutter Speed:
1/250 or faster

Manual focus or
single point auto focus

Prepare for your shot by first getting as close as you can to the chain link fence. The closer to the fence, the more successful you will be.

Zoom in as much as you can (200mm or longer). The longer the lens, the more successful you will be.

Focus past the chain link fence on your subject by using manual focus or single point auto focus. This will insure that you don't accidently focus on the fence instead of your subject.

With the use of a large aperture (f/5.6 or larger) and zooming in on your subject, the depth of field will be very shallow. Because of the shallow depth of field, the farther that your subjects (lions) move away from the chain link fence, the more blurry the fence will become. Eventually, with your subject far enough away from the fence, the chain link fence will completely disappear.