Beginner Photography Book, Workbook and Cheat Sheet Set

$ 29.99

Includes the book and the workbook. Keep the book in your camera bag and use the workbook to write all of your notes.

How to Photograph Like a Pro - A guide to understanding the basic elements of photography gives you all of the tools necessary to fully comprehend all of the settings on your digital camera in an easy to understand step-by-step system. You will not only learn the basic elements of photography, you will now be able to take your photography to RockStar level.

Includes 12 page Cheat Sheet PDF

Capturing True Emotion Cheat Sheets

Use this 12 page PDF as a quick and easy guide to understanding photography and your camera. These Cheat Sheets are a great reinforcement to the "Understanding the Basic Elements of Photography" Online Course


Understanding Photography

The Basic Elements of Photography

Camera Modes

Understanding ISO

Understanding Aperture

Aperture Chart

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

Understanding White Balance

The Art of Composition

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